Tiger Cave Temple : Krabi, Thailand

Tiger Cave Temple

The cave temple is aptly named because of the rock outgrowth nearby resembling a tiger’s claw. The Tiger Cave Temple is located about 3km from the town towards North East.

Wat Tahm Seua is known as a center for meditation. Its spectacular setting in the Ao Luk Thanu mountain ranges provides the necessary quiet atmosphere for meditation. The main vihara or the sanctum sanctorum is inside a small shallow limestone cave. Both sides are lined by cells like caves which are called monastic cells or kutis. The area is well lit and very well maintained preserving the serenity of the environment. Some 250 Monks and Nuns live in the temple compounds at the moment.

Here you can venture it up the hills. There are two passages, one taking you up by 1200 steps to the hill top. The commanding view all around shall be worthy of taking the strain to climb the hill. The second passage is only 130 steps up and you reach the place where monks live in their small cottages.

The whole area is full of caves and limestone rock formations. Archeologists have found remnants of ancient habitations as old as from stone age. Stone tools, shards of pottery and beads, idols of clay have all been unearthed which bear testimony to the cultural heritage of the area.

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