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Tham Le Khao Kop : Trang, Thailand

Tham Le Khao Kop : Trang, Thailand : A canal from the Banthat Mountain Range is divided into 3 waterways upon reaching Khao Kop, with 2 going around the mountain and the other flowing through the cave under the mountain. An amazing natural wonder, the main attraction at Khao Kop is this stream which flows through the cave. In addition, the cave itself looks like a high and steep cliff with layers of rocks and stalactites and stalagmites magnificently decorating the cave for a distance of approximately 4 kilometers. Currently, the Khao Kop Tambon Administration Organization provides rowboats to facilitated ... Read more

Namtok Ton Te : Trang, Thailand

Namtok Ton Te : Tonte Waterfall is located 45 kilometers from the city. Originating in the Banthat Mountain Range, the waterfall drops 320 meters down to the rocks. Assorted tropical flora covers the surrounding area. The waterfall is accessible by car throughout the year. To reach the waterfall, take Trang – Phatthalung Road for about 17 kilometers, turn right onto the Ban Kachong – Ban Hat Lao Road (Highway No. 4124) for about 27 kilometers and finally make a left turn and proceed for another 1 kilometer.

Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park : Trang, Thailand

Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park covering the 2 districts of Kantang and Sikao with a 20-kilometres coastline. The park headquarters is at Chang Lang Beach in Tambon Mai Fat, approximately 47 kilometres from the city. To get there, take the Trang– Sikao – Pak Meng Road (Highway No. 4162) for 40 kilometres and then 7 kilometres more on a road paralleling the beach to the park headquarters. Land-based attractions of the park are Pak Meng Beach, Chang Lang Beach, San Beach, Yao Beach, Yong Ling Beach, Chao Mai Beach, and Chao Mai Cave. All are easily accessible by car. ... Read more

Emerald Cave : Trang, Thailand

Emerald Cave (Morakot Cave) – The cliff ranging at the west of Koh Mook is the site of Morakot Cave. To admire its beauty is to swim about 70 m through the cave. The destination is a large hall without roof, emerald sea and white sand which achieve the world fame. e of marvelous natural surroundings, white clean sandy beach, emerald colored sea where every group of tourists will spend some time admiring after swimming through the cave’s entrance. Location: Morakot Cave is located at Koh Mook, Toward the northwest of Haad Chao Mai National Park, in Koh Li Bong ... Read more